Timely Dental Tool Replacement to Protect Your Patients’ Pearly Whites

dental handpieces

Dentist and orthodontists alike carry an arsenal of tools and supplies to perform the extensive array of procedures and services available to their patients on a daily basis. Dentists, like other doctors, go to school for proper education of necessary techniques and undergo rigorous training to hone their skills. Just as a dentist should keep his or her mind sharp and updated, so must their dental instruments. Dental instruments are made to be durable, but unfortunately nothing lasts forever. Parts of machines and instruments that are used in a variety of daily procedures are especially susceptible to wear and tear. Examples of such are nozzles, hoses, turbines, and hand pieces. If you’re looking for replacements for dental handpieces and other parts and supplies, quality dental supply shops and catalogues are available online.

When Should I Replace Dental Instruments and Parts?

The main determinants of the lifespan of dental instruments include the initial quality of the materials, amount of use, as well as proper, regular maintenance. As a dentist, you should invest in the best quality of instruments and machines that you can afford. A pricier instrument from a reputable supplier will likely be of better quality and confer a longer lifespan than a significantly cheaper instrument of substandard quality. Typically, durable dental instruments and parts have a lifespan of several years, but depending on the amount of traffic you get in your clinic every day and the types of procedures done most frequently, replacement of something like a handpiece may be warranted after five years. Regular maintenance is important and repairs can be done if damages are detected early enough, however it is still recommended to replace parts after they have surpassed their projected lifespan.

Remember, your instrument quality directly affects both your performance and your patients’ comfort. If you think either may be compromised, it might be a good time to replace your instruments!